We talk with our friend Heather Mbaye about conventions past, historical costumes, and good memories.

We talk, inevitably, a little about the current pandemic but then veer off in to the cross between alcohol and our feelings, our St. Patrick Swayze weekend, and masculinity. Stay safe y'all.

From one power couple to another: we give our thoughts on Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig's latest offerings, Marriage Story and Little Women.

We fulfil the promise of our movie reviews, remind the world of a certain Hallmark queen, and get cranky about posthumous hyping.

We talk about our recent travels, the right to mess up a language, and give you a movie review before setting up our upcoming movie reviews.

We catch up and complete our promise of Darcy's limericks and update you on our Kickstarter (spoilers: it got funded!)

Darcy unveils some of her limericks composed for our Kickstarter backers, disagree about seasons, and murder an accent.

We return from our Atlanta sojourn to sleepily talk about Dragon Con, table selling etiquette, and the Kickstarter that almost killed me.

We catch up with our latest televisual likes and dislikes, why do people forget condoms, and being a good house guest.

We have a special guest join us to talk about pizza around the world, food preferences, and little bit of reality TV.

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