Expect the important debate of Noodles versus Pasta, sending fan-mail, and pouring things on heads.

We break down the word for breaking down in your pants, talk some TV shows, some recent fascinations, and an uncomfortable D&D session.

We talk about birthday feelings, convention thoughts and plans, and fanatic/fan needs.

We catch up with chat about bad writing, bad lists, and bad boob decisions.

CONTENT WARNING: We talk about the famous documentary recently released about Michael Jackson's abuse of children. And our conversation weaves between that and other child abuse documentary Abducted In Plain Sight.

We have a lot to catch you up on: new jobs, D&D, The Good Place's ethical problem, international racial relations, and shoes.

In a break from the usual format, in this special episode we try 9 different whiskeys on air. It was fun for us, at least.

We catch up after a turbulent January which consisted of hospital visits, games, and babies.

We talk about 2018, how it was for us and how we feel in general with looking back. We're not sure how we feel about any of it.

Fever Talk #41

We talk about Aaron's birthday movie marathon, it leads to a classic being crapped on a little, and we revel in our first session of a new D&D campaign.

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